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Ironing or smoothing is the work of using a heated tool to remove wrinkles from washed clothes. The common tools for this purpose are called "irons", though modern designs are no longer made of iron.

Ironing works by loosening the bonds between the long-chain polymer molecules in the fibres of the material. While the molecules are hot, the fibres are straightened by the weight of the iron, and they hold their new shape as they cool. Some fabrics, such as cotton, require the addition of water to loosen the intermolecular bonds.

Evenheat Butane Iron
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Evenheat Self Heating Gasoline Iron
Our Price: $194.99
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Shark GI505 Shark Steam Pro Iron
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SteamFast SF-717 Home & Away Steam Iron
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Shark GI305 Lightweight Professional Iron
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Shark GI405 Professional Steam Power Iron
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Dual-volt Steam Iron
Our Price: $24.99
Savings: $5.00 (17%)

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